Eric Weiner

In 1990 I planted a seed and founded a luxury chauffeured transportation business. I invested the next 20 years nurturing that seed; oversaw daily operations, developed policies and procedures, even sales and marketing tools, and grew my company into the largest limousine service in Rhode Island. We flourished with national recognition when, in 2002, we were named the Best Limousine Company in America. Six short years later, I was was named Rhode Island's Small Business Person of the Year. Having lead my company to this level, I realized my greatest skills were not limited to the transportation industry, but in developing, nurturing, and strengthening small businesses with a focus on offering world class products and customer service. In 2010 I sold my company and now I offer my skills to help grow yours. Being a leader for my business doesn't mean I did it all alone. Small businesses rely on relationships, and successful ones are symbiotic. If your small business needs assistance to break-through to the next-level I offer my experience, from simple advise to ground-up development. Growth isn't always about expanding, it's also about strengthening your roots too. Let's grow your small business together.

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